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Everybody has a bad day at work from time to time.

Whether the cause is a product of the workspace or something deeply private, any number of issues can affect your overall workflow and mindset.

With the help of LifeWorks, these personal or professional obstacles can often be more easily overcome.

In 2018, FBP extended its decontaminating and decommissioning contract with the U.S. Department of Energy until March 2021. That means employees will go about their days as usual, and with that comes the usual hang-ups and anxieties. Relationship issues, debt, thinking about the future – any number of things may hinder an employee’s physical and mental well-being. That’s why in 2011, FBP partnered with LifeWorks to bring personnel an employee assistance program (EAP) that’s there for them.

“LifeWorks is the resource that you call for all those problems that keep you up at night,” says Shelly Curson, Customer Success Manager at LifeWorks.

Curson acts as the liaison between FBP and LifeWorks, with the goal of educating managers and human resources staff about the utility of this EAP. Typically for an EAP, usage hovers around 10 to 30 percent of employees. These low usage numbers are backed by a stigma that EAP’s are strictly counseling services. That stigma is something Curson aims to change. With the number of services LifeWorks can provide, it’s her hope employees use it proactively and preventatively for a wide range of issues. So, what is it that LifeWorks can provide?

LifeWorks is available 24/7 and free to both FBP employees and their extended families. Their services can be accessed through the web, on their mobile app or over the phone. When reaching out, you’ll be assisted by a master’s level clinician who will help you through the process. The top order is a safety assessment – LifeWorks employees will make sure clients aren’t in any immediate danger. From there, they will perform a needs assessment to further home in on the issue at hand. Once narrowed down, a LifeWorks employee will give a recommendation and provide service details on what comes next. LifeWorks has a plethora of resources at hand, many of which are right at your fingertips.

LifeWorks main support lines include elder care, work area, health & well-being, financial resources, legal matters, life coaching, connection to community resources and online resources. On top of these specialized assets, LifeWorks offers a range of counseling methods, from face-to-face sessions to video and e-counseling. Clinical sessions can be focused for individuals, couples, families or just about any situation. If there’s anything going on in your life, no matter how trivial or separate from work, Curson emphasizes you can always call LifeWorks for help.

“That’s the whole purpose of an EAP – we all have stuff going on that distracts us from our work,” Curson says. “We want to be able to offload some of that stress for our employees.”

LifeWorks is also working closely with FBP managerial staff to ensure harmony in the workplace. A specialized group of LifeWorks employees focus on management consultation, helping managers make informed decisions when a problem arises. If an employee is noticeably upset or out of line, it’s advised to give them an informal referral to see a LifeWorks specialist. If things become serious enough, a monitored referral can take place for the unruly employee. In the case of a situation such as the death of an employee or a worksite shooting, LifeWorks will offer critical incident support and a counselor will be on-site within 24 hours.

FBP’s Human Resources Department uses several training hours each year – LifeWorks trainers can use those opportunities to educate employees. Stress management, communication skills, sexual harassment training, diversity and inclusion – these are a few of the courses that can take place with LifeWorks trainers on-site or through webinars.

LifeWorks is here to improve the lives of FBP employees in any way they can. To get started with Lifeworks, visit or call toll free at 877-259-3785 (877-858-2147 for Spanish speakers). 
The Lifeworks app is also available to download for both Android and iOS.