WEST UNION — The Fayette County Board of Health will present a budget request to the County Board of Supervisors on Monday, Jan. 25, and Public Health Director Julie Creery says there could be more requests depending how funds allocated from the federal to state level filter down locally. The meeting starts at 9 a.m.

“We will be giving an update on finances and the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts in Fayette County,” Creery said.

The Fayette County Public Health contract to serve the county has been for $112,000 a year for essential services.

Although the Centers for Disease Control has allocated funds to Iowa for “vaccination activities,” Creery said the allocation to local public health is yet unknown.

“We heard (last) week that Iowa will receive over $28 million for vaccination activities from the CDC,” Creery said. “A portion of that is to be allocated to the local Public Health level and we should get more detail on that in the weeks to come.”

This funding could affect Board of Health requests to Fayette County, Creery indicated.

“Depending on additional funds coming in from Feds and/or State, our ask from the Board of Supervisors could change from month to month,” Creery said.

A state website shows Fayette County Board of Health has been paid $17,290 of CARES Act funds from IDPH.

“We did receive the funding from the CARES Act in November and will review this at the BOS meeting on Jan 25,” Creery said.

Creery explained an emergency fund proposal her board discussed last month.

“We are not asking for more additional funding right now from the county; at the BOH meeting we asked if funds could be put aside in the county budget in case all funds available to public health are exhausted as the pandemic continues,” Creery said.


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