DES MOINES — Iowa surpassed 700 deaths from the coronavirus on Friday and known additional positive cases jumped by 493 in the last 24 hours.

State health data shows the state with 27,555 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus, about 9.8% of those tested overall. Seven additional deaths reported in the last 24 hours put the state at 701 total known deaths since state officials began tracking the virus in March.

Counties showing significant increases in known positive cases in recent days include Story and Johnson, where local health officials have attributed the increase to young adults in college communities where increasingly active bar scenes have been reported. Both counties are posting a positive rate above 10%.

Gov. Kim Reynolds acknowledged Thursday that positive test results among young adults has been increasing, with 55% of positive cases statewide since June 1 occurring in adults aged 18 to 40. That’s a significant increase from April when positive tests in that age group were 41%.

Governors in Florida and Texas reversed course and clamped down on bars again Friday as cases surged.

Reynolds said she monitors actions in other states but “ultimately we have to make decisions based on what we’re seeing in Iowa.”

In the state-designated novel coronavirus region RMCC 6, which basically includes Northeast Iowa, Black Hawk County leads the case count with 1,995 cases, of which 1,197 have recovered and 57 have died; followed by Linn County, 1,160 cases, 895 recovered, 82 dead; Dubuque, 487 cases, 250 recovered, 22 dead; Allamakee, 122 cases, 90 recovered, 4 dead; Bremer, 85 cases, 75 recovered, six dead; Benton, 55 cases, 42 recovered, one dead; Jones, 51 case, 43 recovered, no death data; Buchanan, 42 cases, 31 recovered, one dead; Delaware, 38 cases, 31 recovered, one dead; Clayton, 36 cases, 31 recovered, three dead; and no death data exists for the following, Fayette, 30 cases, 28 recovered; Grundy, 27 cases, 17 recovered; Winneshiek, 24 cases, 24 recovered and Howard, 17 cases, 10 recovered.