As of Wednesday, Fayette County has had 27 cases of COVID-19 and 26 have recovered, according to Iowa Department of Public Health statistics.

Buchanan County has had 33 cases with 28 recovered, Clayton has had 34 cases with 26 recovered and three deaths. Death data were unavailable for Fayette and Buchanan counties.

Serology testing looks at antibody proteins in the blood to determine exposure to a pathogen, of use when symptoms do not present for instance.

This underscores that not everyone who contracts COVID-19 will show symptoms.

In the three counties noted earlier, 65% of cases were symptomatic, 11% asymptomatic and for the rest information was unavailable. Those in the tri-county area whose serum showed COVID-19 antibodies numbered six in Fayette County (22% of cases serum tested assuming one per patient), 25 in Clayton (73% of cases) and four in Buchanan (12% of cases). Overall, serology tests for the virus in Iowa are coming back 10% positive, compared to just over 12% positive overall.

Some COVID-19 patients in other areas have voluntarily shared information about relapses and further complications after recovery.

For instance, former Oelwein resident and area reporter for the Cedar Rapids Gazette turned minister Val Swinton, now of Clarksville, has shared his case openly with local media. He gave an update in a public Facebook post on June 1, saying he underwent an operation to drain fluid from a lung.

“I am in the intensive care unit at Mercy One after surgery to drain fluid from my left lung,” Swinton said. “Sadly doctors couldn’t reach the fluid by cutting three little holes. They had to cut me open.”

This is the latest of complications after he was released from the hospital in April.

By mid-Wednesday, Iowa had reported at least 20,017 cases of COVID-19, Minnesota 25,870, Wisconsin, 19,400, Illinois 122,848, Nebraska 14,611 and South Dakota 5,162.