The Easter Bunny came earlier than expected in Waverly this year. Everything has changed since the coronavirus disrupted our lives, and this year's bunny, in observance of social distancing, waved. to kids and parents from a fire truck during a drive-by egg hunt.

Kirstin Happel, a Waverly business woman and a mom,. came up with the idea of a drive-by egg hunt. For the purpose, she and her family cut out 500 plywood eggs, and many families decorated them and displayed them in their front yards for others to enjoy.

On Saturday, Kristin donned an Easter bunny outfit, and with the help of her dad, Dennis Happel, who happens to be Waverly's fire chief, waved to everyone from a fire truck the chief drove.

The original. plan for a Sunday drive-by egg hunt was derailed by the weather forecast, which promised rain and wind.

Everyone who saw the Easter bunny on Saturday, April 11,2020, will have a fond memory to cling onto, but for those who didn't, here's the story.