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The Oelwein City Council heard from resident Jeff Milks at Monday night’s meeting regarding Mayor Sherrets’ resolution opposing Alliant Energy’s proposed rate increase that is before the Iowa Utilities Board.

Milks thanked the council for considering the resolution in opposition to higher utility rates. He asked that wording be included in the resolution to cover net metering as well. Milks said he had petitions available for signatures opposing the rate hike.

Area resident John Steil asked the council to send a copy of the resolution to Rep. Bruce Bearinger and Sen. Craig Johnson.

The council later tabled the resolution so more language can be added regarding net metering. After it is amended, the resolution will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. It was noted at the meeting that the Utility Board will be voting on the matter in early October.

Local resident Misty Williams told the council she is worried about being evicted because the house she rents has failed to rental inspections. She asked what her rights are as a renter. City Attorney Pat Dillon recommended she contact Legal Aid in Waterloo or Dubuque for help.

Resident Brett DeVore told the council he did not want to see a suspension of rules and single vote on a resolution because the public loses out on opportunities to respond during the normal three readings.

With Councilman Darin Christensen opposing, the Council voted to suspend rules and passed a rezoning ordinance for two parcels of land in the Industrial Park that were zoned I-1 Industrial and will now be zoned C-2 Commercial. Oelwein Chamber and Area Development had made the rezoning request so that the property can be marketed with greater success.

The speed limit will decrease along Outer Road from just south of East Knoll Court, to 20th Street and on to Highway 150 S, from 55 mph to 45 mph, with the passage Monday of an ordinance making the change.

The Council gave approval to signatures on a road construction agreement with Fayette County for the Q Avenue overlay improvement. This measure lets the county know the city intends to go forward and participate its share in the project, which is $123,520.87 to be paid out at $24,704.17 each year for the next five years. Assessments and classification of the road can be determined later.

The Council approved signatures on a task order with Fox Engineering for the Wings East paving improvements. This is for a section of 32 feet and replace the failed road areas in the project. The task order ensures the city is on time to bid the project this winter and have construction start in 2020. The Council will review the assessments at another work session. The final design of the project needs to be done by October.

In official reports, the City Attorney reported he is working through a number of abandoned structure cases in court for the city.