SPEEDING — Cory Edward Cannon, of West Union; Carlos David Morales, of Lake Mills; Garrett Matthew Lauer, of West Union; Emma Grace Hollenbeck, of Castalia; Patrick James Muller, of Hills; Jonathan Waylon Coonce, of Williamsville Missouri; Jacob J Neels, of Coralville; Tina Rose Nelson, of Saint Olaf; Declan Tate Johanns, of Fayette; Kristie Renee Easttorp, of Sumner; Daniel James Pedrick, of Waverly; Xavier T Holloway, of Freeport, Illinois; Daniel Thomas Sylvester, of Elkader; Marjean Huehbner, of Sumner; James Richard Thompson, of Cedar Falls; and Claudia Berenice Lopez Maldonado, of Postville.

OTHER — James Elvis Worth, of West Union (no valid driver’s license); Philip Steven James, of Stanley (operating non-registered vehicle); Carlos David Morales, of Lake Mills (failure to provide proof of financial liability): Melinda Nicole Collins, of Greene (operation without registration card or plate); Jared Michael Richardson, of Oelwein (operation without registration card or plate); Seth James Jarvis, of Oelwein (dark window or windshield); Benny Lee Stevenson, of Iowa City; Rosita Marie Hepperle, of West Union (failure to maintain control); Michel John Evans, of Oelwein (failure to comply with safety regulations); Donald Lee Lathum, of Hawkeye (failure to maintain or use safety belts); and Conner David Ariss, of Dubuque (following too close.)

OPERATING WHILE INTOXICATED — Randall Wade Cantrell, 67, of Oelwein (pleaded guilty to OWI-first offense); Brandin Jeremiah Lee Higgs, 23, of Oelwein (OWI case dismissed, pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine); Steven Deane Bunn, 50, of Oelwein (pleaded guilty to OWI-first offense); Albert Lawrence Cline, 35, of West Union, (pleaded guilty to OWI-first offense); Travis David Bennett, 32, of Cedar Rapids (pleaded guilty to OWI-second offense); Jeremy Allan Villa, 30, of West Union (charged with OWI-first offense); and Robert Janiel Goines, 28, of Watertown, Wisconsin (charged with OWI-first offense).


Olivia May Rupright, 22, of Oelwein, pleaded guilty to the serious misdemeanor of possession of marijuana-first offense, as part of an agreement with prosecution. A Class B felony county of drug distribution to person under 18 was dismissed. She received a deferred judgment and was placed on one year of informal probation.

Jayme Michael Gold, 47, of Sumner, who is charged with disarming a peace officer of a dangerous weapon, a Class D felony, intends to rely on the defense of “intoxication/diminished responsibility” at trial scheduled for 9 a.m., March 3, according to a Feb. 17 filing by his defense attorney. He is accused of grabbing for a Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy’s side arm to the point that it almost fell out of its holster. The deputy was trying to restrain him because he was “trying to leave and being assaultive towards others,” says the criminal complaint.