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Savanna DeJong

Hello all, Savanna DeJong here!

I’m a married mother of two little humans. As I start writing this from my bed I have a sick 4.5-year-old daughter laying next to me sound asleep so peacefully (thank goodness, she needs the rest) and then I have an ornery, also sick, sleep fighting, wild child 1.5-year-old son all over me who apparently thinks he’s training for MMA or something.

For a living I practice massage therapy and own Studio 17 Salon and Spa here in Oelwein. My job is amazing. Helping others to feel better, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically is pretty awesome. I’ve always been a people pleaser and a giver so I guess my profession fits. Ha ha.

Why me for the Grinch? Why do I make a good candidate? Good questions. Good questions. This has put me into deep thought as I don’t consider myself a “Holiday Grinch.” I love the Holidays! Family time, extra food (I’m always about food!), the season of giving. The decorations, the magic, the music. I love it all!

So, what is it then? I’m going to go deep here folks, so bear with me ...

Like the Grinch, who had endured some kind of pain that had altered his emotions and feelings, which then led him to have a heart three sizes too small, I can relate. Like him, over the years and all the different pains I’ve endured in life, I’ve put up a wall. So to not allow myself to “get hurt” or “feel the pain.” You know, “The Strong One.”

Is that good or healthy? No way! But it’s how my mind and body have gone into defense mode. Folks, even my husband has called me the “Ice Queen” a time or two! Or more. Haha.

Whoops! But it’s something I’m working on. BECAUSE, I do love to be happy! I love life. I love people (most of the time). I love the way it makes my heart feel to see cheer and merriment, to be helping someone in need, I love helping people (helping at food truck, adopting a family, etc etc.), to enjoy all the moments, big and small. That feeling of when your heart swells. It’s an amazing feeling.

So, again, like the Grinch, I need to open myself up more and FEEL. And I hope any of you out there reading this and feeling the same way will do it also! Let’s FEEL! Let’s really soak it up and dive in this Holiday season!

On a lighter note, here’s a few other ways I also make a good Grinch candidate:

• I can be hairy and grumpy. Yup, I said it!

• I can want to yell at and scare away anyone that comes near my door some days.

• I’ve wanted to run clippers down the middle of someone’s head before.

• Someone else’s junk could be my treasure.

So, there’s a bit about me and why I think I make a good “Grinch” candidate.

VOTERS! For every vote you make for me, you will be entered into a Massage Therapy prize drawing! Depending on how many votes I end up with at the end will depend on how many prizes will be awarded! Being the voting is anonymous, you’ll have to FB message me or text me (319-560-6378) letting me know how many votes you casted for me and where at so I can get you entered into the drawing.

Let the fun begin!