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Return to Competition

- People (players, coaches, officials, spectators, etc.) feeling sick or who have been exposed to someone sick should not attend or participate in competitions or practices.

- The Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union strongly encourages all participants and spectators to practice social distancing and wear face coverings whenever possible (local policy may require face coverings for spectators).

Considerations for Students

- Consider making each student responsible for their own supplies (water bottle, hand sanitizer, face covering, towel, etc.).

- Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing), and individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout immediately upon returning home.

- Player braces, equipment, etc., should be cleaned after each use/wearing.

- Hand sanitizers should be plentiful at all games and practices.

- Athletes should tell coaches immediately when they are not feeling well.

- Cloth face coverings are permissible.

Considerations for Parents/Workers/Volunteers

- Provide personal items for your child, and clearly label them.

- The use of cloth face coverings is strongly encouraged. In addition, social distancing is strongly encouraged as much as possible for non-participants, parents, coaches, officials, and other event volunteers.


- Schools should implement spectator protocols by following CDC and local Department of Health guidelines regarding size of gatherings and social distancing.

- Spectators should use six-foot social distancing. Families may sit/stand together, but should social distance from others. Frequent reminders should be made via public address.

- Establishments may require spectators to wear masks.

Bowling Rule Considerations

- Rule 18 bowling ball: The use of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is permitted to disinfect your bowling ball.

- Teams should follow COVID rules and regulations of the bowling venue.

- Masks strongly encouraged for all spectators, coaches, and participants.

- Masks may be removed when ready to bowl,

- No sharing of bowling balls.

- Handshakes/high fives strongly discouraged.

- Bowling venues will determine seating capacity.

- Separate JV/varsity competitions or boy/girl competitions.

- Possibly schedule for JV-only meets.

Suggested Ideas/Formats

- One team (six bowlers) on two lanes for both rounds of bowling.

- No movement to other lanes.

Basketball Rule Considerations

- Host team is responsible for sanitizing the game ball as recommended by the ball manufacturer (do not use game balls for warmups). Game ball (s) shall be placed at the score table for the officials.

- The host school should provide warm-up balls and properly sanitize them prior to being used before each game – recommendation would be to have a separate rack of balls for the home and visiting teams.

- The host school should ensure that the game ball is sanitized during timeouts and between quarters.

- Sanitizer should be provided by the host team at the table.

- Cloth face coverings are permissible for players.

- Strongly consider requiring coaching staff and other bench personnel to wear face coverings while on the bench.

- All players must sanitize their hands before and after warm-ups, at all timeouts, at quarter and halftime breaks, and any time they leave the playing court. Coaches are strongly encouraged to sanitize their hands as often as possible as well.

Update to Nov. 10 Proclamation

The following pertains to indoor athletic events (clarifications):

Two spectators are permitted for each athlete participating in a game. Separate games are separate gatherings. So where there are two separate games, during each game, there may only be two spectators for each athlete participating in that game. Spectators would need to leave, or wait to arrive, as applicable, unless they are one of the two spectators for an athlete in the other game.

Topic 1: “Other Participants”

Does the proclamation permit the following to perform at the events?

- Pep bands

- Cheerleaders

- Dance team performances at halftime

- National Anthem singers

The proclamation does not limit the participation of any of these other supporting participants in the event. They are not spectators. They would be required to wear masks if the total gathering is more than 25 and would be required to properly social distance from others in attendance.

Because they are not athletes participating in the sporting event, they do not get two additional spectators.

Topic 2: “Other Game Personnel”

Coaches are permitted under the proclamation to have two spectators.

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