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INDEPENDENCE – Backbone Area Youth for Christ has made contact with fruit growers from Colorado who have provided fresh produce from their orchards as a fundraising opportunity for the organization’s ongoing ministry to youth. Backbone Youth for Christ is offering area residents lugs of peaches, each weighing approximately 17 pounds, for $40 each delivered/$35 if picked up at one of three sites: Manchester, Edgewood, or Independence. Half lugs available.

Colorado peaches are appealing for several reasons:

• They are hand-picked and tree-ripened in the orchard

• They go from the tree to the box to the cooler in one swift operation

• No fruit is picked immature to allow for processing

• Backbone Youth for Christ receives the fruit mere hours from the time it is taken from the tree to deliver the freshest peaches available

The peaches will arrive in mid-August. However, since the grower intends to wait until the best possible moment to pick the peaches, the actual time of arrival is unknown at this time. For information on ordering, call Mike Cantonwine at 563-920-5741.