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Last year, when I was 88 years old, I wrote a letter to you about not having a handicap entrance to our post office. I didn’t get much response. I received a note from Sen. Grassley that said he referred it to the postal department. I received a letter from them that said they were sorry but nothing could be done.

So now I am 89 years old and had to rest three times to go up the steps to mail a package.

I would think more people than me would be upset by this. What about the other elderly and handicapped? What about the mayor and city council? I would think they would be ashamed that Independence is the only post office in Iowa that doesn’t have a handicap entrance.

If the postal department can’t revise this building, what about leasing a different one? Or it’s about time we had a new one. But I suppose they would have to raise the price of a stamp a penny.

As I am a new resident of Independence, I may be wasting my time because nobody else seems to care.

Leonard L. Kaster Sr.