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To the Editor:

I’ve known Joe Payne for over 45 years. My sons and Joe were best friends growing up in Quasky. My husband, Eddie, rode with Roy (Joe’s dad) to work at John Deere’s for many years, and Shelia (Joe’s mom) and I spent a lot of time together — everything from Boy Scouts to athletics at East Buchanan.

I trust Joe. He is young (52) and will see things from a different perspective. He is truthful, smart, honorable, kindhearted, a wonderful son, faithful friend, good husband, and father to five children (blended family). He is like one of my own. Joe gets along with other people and is a good problem solver who will explain his actions.

I know Doris (Clayton Ohrt’s wife) as she is Roy’s sister. I also know Clayton’s family, as well as Shelia’s. I’ve seen Clayton and Doris at Payne’s family cabin in Keosauqua. They even took Doris in and helped raise her. Therefore, nepotism should NOT be an issue since “Uncle Clayton” already oversees Joe’s wife and sister at the County.

While out campaigning, Clayton has told my relatives that Joe doesn’t have a very good job. I disagree! He works for a non-profit and what a great job! As a regional director for the Youth Sports Foundation, he works with 3,000 kids/adults for each of the last 6 years. He works out of his home and will have the time to put into this position! He took the job to spend more time with his ill father who has since died.

Joe is not a veteran but supports them and ALL servicemen. He is named after his uncle who was killed in Vietnam.

I say “Joe will do better.” Elect him November 3.

Donna Wolfe