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Ag in the classroom

Jodie Mausser (in crown), a Miss United States Agriculture contestant, is shown with the group of third graders she read to in Independence.

INDEPENDENCE – Shelby Hawkins, agriculture in the classroom coordinator for Buchanan and Delaware County Farm Bureau, recently teamed up with Miss United States Agriculture contestant Jodie Mausser to do “My Family’s Farm” book readings with two third grade classrooms at Independence’s East Elementary.

Jodie Mausser read “My Family’s Soybean Farm” out of the “My Family’s Farm” book series. Students learned about the soybean lifecycle, technology used, and what products are produced from soybeans. Farmers use technology like GPS and drones to scout their fields and determine the health of their crops. Soybeans are used for livestock feed, biodiesel, ink, candles, and crayons.

The “My Family’s Farm” series is a set of books inspired to educate youth about Iowa agriculture. Students discover how farmers care for plants and animals. In this series, the book topics are soybean, corn, apple, wind, beef and hog farms. Each book has standard aligned lessons as an extension to the book.