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DES MOINES – State Representative Bruce Bearinger of Oelwein today reminded Iowans about several new laws that took effect on July 1, the start of the state’s new fiscal year.

“There are several new laws that went into effect on July 1 that will impact the lives of Iowans,” said Bearinger. “This year, we worked together to create a new mental health system for children in Iowa; extended SAVE to improve school infrastructure; and provided new protections for seniors, at-risk kids, and victims of human trafficking.”

Protecting Iowans and improving health care:

• Background checks for employees working with children, elderly, and disabled (HF 681)

• Created a children’s mental health system (HF 690)

• Make it easier to get treatment for substance abuse disorders to help fight the opioid epidemic (HF 623)

• Support caregivers to help seniors transition out of the hospital (SF 210)

• Added an organ donation box on hunting/fishing licenses (SF 86)

• New protections for seniors and at-risk children (HF 610/HF 591)

• Provided more tools for potential victims of human trafficking (SF 267)

Investing in Iowa’s future:

• Prevented Iowans from losing professional license if behind on student loan repayments (SF 304)

• Improved school infrastructure – SAVE (HF 546)

• Continued efforts to encourage more cooperation between local school districts (HF 596)

Other laws of interest:

• Expanded grants for veterans injured in the line of duty (HF 288)

• Provided needed expansion of small business distilleries in Iowa (SF 230)

• Required counties to use tracking system to track more absentee ballots (HF 692)

For more information, contact Rep. Bearinger at 319-283-5349. For a full list of bills that became law on July 1, log onto