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INDEPENDENCE – American Legion, Sheehan Tidball Post 30 Scholarship: Mitchel Barske, Katelin Kremer

BankIowa Scholarships: Jacob Bolles, Jazmine Shonka

Bar Association: Molly Gustafson

Charles and Alice Bell Memorial Scholarships: Holly Bessey, Karlie Niedert, Joshua Turner

Charles G. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Madison Corkery

Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship: Alex Coffman

Lowell Betsworth Memorial Scholarship: Quinci Morris

Bill’s Pizza and Smokehouse Scholarship: Joshua Turner

Bruening Rock Products Scholarship: Mackenzie Thompson

Buchanan County Democrats Scholarship: Peter Thedens

Buchanan County Health Center Auxiliary Scholarship: Abigail Bolton

Buchanan County Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarship: Stephanie McMillan, Adam Nash

Gene & Janny Budzine Family Scholarship: Kellie Ohl, Chase Sackett

Chautauqua Literary Scholarship: Elaine Trussell

Consolidated Energy Co. Scholarship: Matthew Beebe

Corcoran Memorial Scholarships: Brian Jasper, Mackenzie Thompson

Frank Craig Memorial Scholarship: To be announced at graduation

Declaration Chapter 278 – Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship Devan Cummings

Jonathan Dodge Memorial Scholarships: Katelin Kremer, Stephanie McMillan, Daniel Walter

Edwin Dukes Valedictorian Scholarship: To be announced at graduation

Sheri Earles Memorial Scholarship: To be announced at graduation

East-West Football Scholarship: Kyle Fank

Gladys and Ralph Farris Estate Scholarships: Mickayla Burk, Madison Diesburg, April Donlon, Meg Harper, Rachel Wheelock

First United Methodist Church Scholarship: Paige Davis

Audrey Fitzgerald Memorial Fund Scholarship: Paige Davis

Friends of Dollars for Scholars: Jordon Beier, Katherine Bresson, Alan Chuong, Madison Corkery, Nicole Hayzlett, Gabe Hoffman, Brett Main, Kendra Meyer, Kaitlyn Peti, Bailey Rogers, Elaine Trussell, James Zieser

Emma Funk PEO Memorial Scholarships: Mikenna Rodriguez, Mackenzie Thompson

GMM – The Duane Geater Memorial Scholarship: Austin Cappel

Hazel Grant Memorial Scholarship: Madison Corkery

Reeves Hall Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Wheelock

LTJG William J. Handy Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Barloon

Bill & Betty Hatfield Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Goedken

Donnie and Ruth Hearn Male & Female Athlete of the Year: To be announced Emilea Hillman Scholarship: Molly Gustafson

Lester M. Hoffman Memorial Scholarship: Gabe Hoffman

George R. Hood Memorial Scholarships: Mitchel Barske, Paige Davis, Daniel Ratchford

Independence Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarships: Corbin Henningsen, Karlie Niedert

Independence Community School PTO Scholarships: Amy Gissel, Paige Versluis

Independence Community District Administrators/District Managers Award: Peter Thedens

Independence Fire Department Scholarship: Daniel Ratchford

Independence Fraternal Order of of Eagles Scholarship: Corbin Henningsen

Independence Garden Club Scholarship: Mitchel Barske

Independence High School Faculty Memorial Scholarships: Rachel Barloon, Abigail Goedken

Independence Ladies Literary Scholarship: Quinci Morris

Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications – Public Power Scholarships: Sarah Lake, Mackenzie Thompson

Independence Lions Club General Scholarship: Amanda Enos

Independence Lions Club Leo Scholarships: Kelsie Gall

Independence Lions Club Speech Award: Abigail Goedken

Independence Rotary Club Scholarship: Brian Jasper

Independence Teachers’ Association Scholarships: Rachel Barloon, Abigail Goedken

Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union Sportsmanship Award: Karlie Niedert

Iowa Ham Connection Scholarship by Jan and Greg Bressler: Brittney Fuller

Julie Jack Memorial Scholarships: Kyle Fank, Brittney Fuller

Carolyn and Rex Jones Memorial Scholarship: Kwanita Shing-Hon

Lisa Kaberle Memorial Scholarship: Madalynn Ratchford

Dr. Carrie Kearns Family Eye Care Scholarship: Joshua Turner

Vicki Lynn Klotzbach Memorial Scholarship: Aubrey Nabholz

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Jazmine Shonka

Carl and Florence Kruempel Memorial Scholarship: Alex Coffman

Lawrence W. Kuper Memorial Scholarship: Austin Cappel

LACES Laura Handy Visual Arts Scholarship: Quinci Morris

LACES Mrs. Vera Holtz Writer’s Scholarship: Stephanie McMillan

LACES Instrumental Scholarship: Devan Cummings

LACES Sheryl Mace Writer’s Scholarship: Rachel Barloon

LACES Speech & Drama Scholarship: Hayden Reynolds

LACES Vocal Scholarship: Rachel Barloon

Lime Creek Conservation Scholarship: Adam Nash

Gerri Locke Scholarship: Kendra Meyer

Valerie Martinson Medical Scholarship: Madalynn Ratchford

Valerie Martinson Memorial Scholarship: Mikenna Rodriguez

John L. McMorris Sr. Scholarship: Madalynn Ratchford

Viola (McBee) McMorris Memorial Scholarship: Molly Gustafson

Medical Associates of Independence Scholarship: Brittney Fuller

Meredith Miller Scholarship: Jonathan Halverson

Mustang Athletic Boosters Scholarships: Kyle Fank, Molly Gustafson,

Stephanie McMillan, Kelsey Ratchford

Jeannie Neeley Mentoring Scholarship: Kelsey Ratchford

North-South Football Scholarships: Blake Henderson, Paige Versluis

Bob Ohl Memorial Scholarships: Kellie Ohl, Hayden Reynolds

Alvin Peters Memorial Scholarship: Haylee Rathbun

Pinicon Ford Lincoln – Built Ford Tough Outstanding Player of the Game: Corbin Henningsen

Print Express Scholarship: Kaitlyn Peti

R & R Coffee Group Scholarship: Patrick Shoesmith

Floyd Rosencrans Family Fund Scholarships: Mitchel Barske, Stephanie McMillan, Adam Nash

Security State Bank Accounting/Business Scholarship: Blake Henderson

David Shaw Memorial Scholarship: Jazmine Shonka

Gladys M. Sloan Memoral Scholarships: Holly Bessey, Nicole Hayzlett

Sperry Family Scholarship: Kyle Fank

St. John PTO Scholarship: Brittney Fuller

Erik Stoppel Memorial Scholarship: Bryant Shannon

Eva K. Tiffany Memorial Scholarship: Bryant Shannon

Wilbur H. Tiffany Scholarship: Sarah Lake

Tuesday Evening Men’s Tennis Group Scholarship: Paige Versluis

VFW Auxiliary Scholarship: Peighton Kayser

VFW Bechter Boies Post 2440 Scholarship: Sarah Lake

Janine K. Venzke Memorial Scholarship: Mikenna Rodriguez

Robert L. Wiediger, Esther Wiediger, and Mildred Wiediger Scholarships: Devan Cummings, Michael Fischels

Women Celebrating Diversity: Quinci Morris

These awards were presented on May 14h at the Twelfth Annual Independence Area Dollars for Scholars Awards Night held at the Independence Jr/Sr High School Auditorium.

Over $74,000 was awarded to Independence area seniors.

Independence Area Dollars for Scholars Board

of Directors

Marty Brown, President

Nancy Dodge, VP

Steve Kilgard, Treasurer

Debbie Curry, Secretary

Bret Adams

Connie Arend

Shelly Bertelli

Erik Bohlken

Jean Peterson

Independence Area Dollars for Scholars

P.O. Box 384

Independence, IA 50644