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Amy Wright

Amy Wright Buchanan County Treasurer

INDEPENDENCE – “I have given this decision plenty of thought,” wrote Buchanan County Treasurer Amy Wright in her letter of resignation Monday. “I’ve determined that I have no choice but to exit the intolerable and detrimental working conditions provided by Buchanan County.”

Wright, who took over the position from Judy Harland in February 2013, said her last day will be Monday, June 17 after the online tax sale.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving each and every customer!,” she wrote. “Serving our customers was definitely my passion. The Buchanan County Treasurer’s Office over the past six years has been an office to be proud of, and one that was receiving compliments.”

To ease the transition, Wright created a binder with a variety of instructions for her staff and new Treasurer.

“I wish the best to the Treasurer’s Office and my successor, as I’ve worked very hard, and so does everyone in that office,” she wrote.

By Iowa Code (331.502.6) the County Auditor, i.e. Cindy Gosse, takes “temporary possession of the office and all official books and papers in the office of treasurer when a vacancy occurs and hold the office, books, and records until a successor qualifies …”

At a special session Tuesday morning the Board of Supervisors formally accepted Wright’s resignation and passed a resolution, quoting Iowa Code section 69.14A and stating in part: “the Board of Supervisors has the authority to fill a vacancy in the office of county treasurer by appointing a successor or by calling a special election, and … a petition may be filed by the public within fourteen days of the notice of publication or within fourteen days after the appointment is made to call a special election to fill said vacancy should the Board of Supervisors choose to fill the vacancy by appointment. … Therefore Be It Hereby Resolved that the Buchanan County Board of Supervisors intends to appoint a successor to Buchanan County Treasurer, Amy Wright by the statutory deadline of July 29, 2019 if no petition for a special election is timely filed.”

An appointed Treasurer would fulfill Wright’s current term, which is up for election in November 2020. The Buchanan County Board of Supervisors will accept resumes and applications for the Buchanan County Treasurer in the County Auditor’s office until July 12, 2019. A petition for a special election must have at least 849 valid signatures; a number based on the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.

The County has faced problems with reconciling their financial records for several months after a system conversion dating back to April 2018. The delay has put in jeopardy getting reports balanced, audited, and submitted to the State to be eligible for certain State funds. The County currently has an extension to the end of June to submit the reports to the State Auditor’s Office. On Tuesday, the Supervisors called for another special meeting to occur Noon Wednesday in their chambers to discuss the system reconciliation project.