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INDEPENDENCE – Today marks the return of the Wapsi River Ramblers to the Independence Farmer’s Market after being rained out in July. The band is sponsored by LACES (“Promoting the Arts to Enrich Life”) as part of the Second Saturday Series to provide music at the market.

Next week’ s Second Saturday Series will feature Oelwein native Travis Granberg.

Travis Granberg has been playing music across Eastern Iowa since 2015. He played competitive golf for nearly 16 years and decided to switch professions. He started with a few solo gigs in venues ranging from small coffee shops and private parties to eventually playing weekly and at larger events like RAGBRAI and places like Kinnick Stadium. He also plays bass guitar in Cultured Calamity, a band based in Ackley, Iowa.

Granberg states he has no boundaries to his set list.

“There are artists from all different genres, eras, and styles,” he said. “You’ll find many songs in the country genre, but that is not going to stop me from jumping to songs by [the] Eagles, Live, Tom Petty, Poison, or Foo Fighters. There will even be non-mainstream songs by great artists like Ryan Bingham, Brandon Rhyder, and Whiskey Myers.”

Granberg will be playing from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the market. To learn about his other performances, visit his Facebook page, Travis Granberg – Live.