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Aurora/Indee FD training exercise

The Aurora Fire Department hosted the Independence Fire Department in a joint training exercise Monday evening.

AURORA – The Independence and Aurora Fire Departments cross-trained firefighters Monday evening at an exercise held in downtown Aurora.

The Independence crew brought Ladder 1 and Aurora pulled out their rescue/pumper truck out onto Main Street to learn how each other’s equipment could work together should the need arise.

Under the control and directions of Independence Firefighters Judd Taylor and Andrew Hermsen, Aurora Firefighter Mike Ellis, Safety Officer Carrie Hundley, and Chief Mike Hundley got a chance to ride the aerial ladder to its full extension of 105 feet for a spectacular view of the countryside.

The Aurora Firefighters were able to set up multiple hose configuration scenarios to connect a hydrant to their pumper truck, then to the Independence aerial ladder truck. Between the sheer power of the water stream coming from the monitor to the beautiful rainbows created by the setting sun, the result was simply awesome.

The event was a time to work together and train on the equipment. It was also fun for a few Aurora residents to watch, including the Hundley children, Hunter and Abbie, and their dog Bowman.

More photos of the exercise will be available online at

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