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Aurora sign

AURORA – The COVID-19 pandemic dashed the plans of many community celebrations for 2020, but one of the smallest towns in the area held out hope and quietly continued planning through the crisis. The Aurora Community Club met Sunday evening, June 7, to make a do-or-die decision on holding a Fourth of July celebration, and the answer is “yes,” the holiday will be celebrated in Aurora.

“At this point right now, unless the governor puts in some resistance again, everything we are doing has the go-ahead,” said Deb Hundley, spokesperson. “It was encouraging to us that Delaware county and Fayette county are putting on their fairs this year. That helped with our decision.”

Hundley said they are telling parade entries not to throw candy during the parade.

“With COVID-19, we will not allow candy to be thrown. We don’t know how many people may have touched that candy, and it would be really hard to discourage kids from picking it up if it was thrown out right at their feet,” she said.

Hundley added that the organizers are encouraging people to practice social distancing, good hygiene, and the wearing of masks. “We can’t make people do it, but we sure will encourage it,” she said.

The Aurora Fourth of July celebration will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 4, with a flag raising in Aurora Park. A truck and tractor pull takes off immediately following the ceremony. For information on the pull, contact Dave Schweitzer, 319-934-3527, or Grant Young, 319-929-4479.

The parade begins at 1 p.m. with lineup at 12:30 p.m. at the Methodist Church. Call Jessi Opitz, 319-573-4601, for parade entry information.

After the parade, everyone can join in the fun at Aurora Park for barrel train rides and games, including ring-a-pop, Plinko, and trinkets. A kiddie tractor pull and waterball for kids will be held along Alice Street, just north of the park.