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2020 Census

Residents of Buchanan County, Iowa, and the nation continue to fill out their census forms. Buchanan communities are past the halfway point for turning their census in with two communities over 70 percent!

If you are wondering why it is important to be counted in the census, it all comes down to dollars and cents, literally. A 90 percent response rate sounds great, but when you break it down in dollars and cents, having just 10 percent of residents not reply can cost your community and county a lot of money.

A community of 1,000 people with a 90 percent response means 100 people have not responded. That is a loss of almost $2.9 million in federal funding and more than $100,000 in road use funds over a 10-year period.

To fill out your census form, go to for a link.

Let’s make sure all of Buchanan County is counted!