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How is that New Year’s resolution coming along? Was an exercise regimen a part of that plan for 2021? If so, keep in mind that you will need to put forth effort and continuously push yourself in order to progress and see results. If you maintain the same intensity, mode and duration of your workout, you will likely lose motivation and stop seeing results. Here are a few ways to put more work in your workout:

A simple way to increase the demands you place on your body is to exercise longer. Instead of a 45-minute workout, increase it to 50 minutes. Even a 5 minute increase in your exercise duration makes a difference.

Vary the elevation. Increasing the vertical incline at which you are moving is a great way to challenge yourself during a routine workout. Examples include walking or running hills or elevating the treadmill.

Increase your speed. Simply put, the faster you move your body, the more you will achieve within a given period of time. An individual will burn more calories per minute walking at 4 miles per hour versus 3 miles per hour.

Change how and where you place your hands and feet during any given exercise to vary the degree of involvement of muscles. Specific hand grips and body stances stimulate or isolate particular muscles more or less.

Increase the amount of weight you lift. In order to continuously see progression in muscle strength, you must “overload” the muscles beyond what they normally can handle. Do not always perform the same number of reps at the same weight.

Switch it up. Cross train and add variety to your workout. If you are an avid runner or walker, still aim to include at least one day per week of biking, swimming, or other type of cardiovascular exercise.

Go the extra mile. Whether you are walking or biking, the greater the distance you cover when you’re exercising, the more work your body will do.

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