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Mandy Welsh

Mandy Welsh, assistant director of nursing at ABCM Rehabilitation Centers of Independence, received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 2. The second shot in the two-stage vaccination process will be administered three weeks following this initial dose.

INDEPENDENCE – ABCM Rehabilitation Centers of Independence, owned and operated by ABCM Corporation, received the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, January 2, administered by CVS Pharmacy.

ABCM Corporation has solidly been behind the vaccination program since the discussions first began for skilled nursing facilities, and has been working diligently to get clinics scheduled at the 31 ABCM Iowa locations as early as possible.

Alexa Mayner, ABCM Corporation Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Very early in the process, we partnered with CVS/Omnicare for vaccines to be administered via the Pharmacy Provider Vaccination Program as they already service several of our locations for pharmacy and consulting services.”

Jessica Sunstrom, ABCM Corporation Pharmacy Consultant, noted, “The earliest the Pharmacy Provider Vaccination Program could begin administering vaccines in the state of Iowa was last Monday [December 28, 2020], with the pharmacy determining when each clinic is scheduled, so we are thrilled to have several ABCM locations with the vaccine administered last week and several scheduled for this week, including ABCM Rehabilitation Centers of Independence, both East and West Campuses.”

Sunstrom went on to say, “The vaccine administered to all our ABCM locations via the Pharmacy Provider Vaccination Program, including Independence, will be the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which consists of two doses given three weeks apart.”

Amber Hunt, ABCM Rehabilitation Centers of Independence administrator, said “We are so very grateful to have been in Phase 1A of vaccination clinics. We partnered with CVS to have our employees and residents vaccinated on January 2, and we will have our second dose on January 23.”

Hunt went on to say, “It will take a few weeks after our second dose in order for the vaccine to be fully effective, so I am still encouraging everyone in our community to socially distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently in order for us to reunite loved ones with residents. It will take our whole community working together to once again open our doors to visitors, and we are eager to get there!”

ABCM Corporation encourages everyone to be vaccinated in efforts to slow and eventually stop the spread of this deadly virus in our homes and in the community at large.

Mayner noted, “The only way to bring this horrible pandemic under some measure of control – and to someday resume the life and work practices that we so took for granted before 2020 – is to have enough people get vaccinated that the virus will burn itself out.”

Richard Allbee, ABCM Corporation Chief Executive Officer, went on to say, “We are prepared to show our appreciation for all employees that will be contributing to our cause to get as many people vaccinated as possible by providing incentive bonuses to be received, for both the first and second rounds of the vaccine, for our employees who choose to get vaccinated.”

Allbee continued, “We feel very strongly that the vaccination is an important step in defeating COVID-19 and reopening our facilities to family and visitors.”

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