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Bob Solon

A few weeks ago, I happened to check the weather just as they were predicting a major storm rolling our way. High winds, hail, and heavy rain would be barreling its way through our town within the hour.

One thing I should tell you about my wife is she loves her flowers. We have potted plants hanging from hooks and tree branches all around our house. So, when I saw this storm report, I sprang into action: bringing in the posies.

What surprised me was Amy didn’t seem concerned at all when I told her of the impending doom about to unleash its pent-up aggression on us. As far as she could tell the sky wasn’t too threatening.

“And besides,” she said, “…it’s never as bad as what they predict anyway.”

But this time I just knew we were in for a it.

And, sure enough, the wind changed, the clouds gathered, and fat drops of rain began to splatter on the ground. Then the hail came with such force we could not hear each other speak as we stood in the shelter of the garage witnessing the storm.

In time the clouds cleared, and the sun came out again. But there was a wake of destruction left behind. A friend of mine lost a tree that had stood in their yard for over 100 years.

Storms have a way of sneaking up on us and causing more damage than we ever thought possible. Not only the storms in the sky but also the storms of life.

At times, all the tell-tale warnings of a storm are there and sure enough they come. At other times there is no way you can predict what is about to happen. One phone call, one doctor’s visit, one decision, and we suddenly find ourselves in a torrent of terror.

Is there a shelter we can run to when the storms come?

King David testified about the shelter he found. In Psalm 46 he said, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear…”(Psalm 46:1-2)

According to David, God is the refuge we can run to when the storms come crashing on the shores of our lives. A refuge is a place of protection, safety, or retreat. While we were standing in the garage we could watch the storm rage because we knew we were safe in its shelter. God is also our Strength. Let’s face it, there are storms we cannot avoid and we will need strength to forge through them. God promises to give us all the strength we need no matter what we face.

Thirdly, David shares how God is an “ever-present help in trouble.” There are some people who never seem to be around when help is needed. Others may be present, but they aren’t much help. Aren’t you glad for those who not only are present, but they are a great help in troubled time? That’s what God is for all who run to him for shelter and strength.

As someone once said, “When the storms of life rage, He is God. When there is a downpour of blessings, He is God, and when battles are won, He is still God. No season can ever change who He is.”

As I pen these words, perhaps you find yourself in the middle of a terrible storm. You may have seen it coming or perhaps it blew in out of nowhere. If that is you, my friend, I urge you to call out to God. Find shelter in Him. Ask Him for power and protection to see you through the storm. His shelter and strength are just a prayer away.