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INDEPENDENCE – Following the regular monthly meeting of the Independence Community School District (ICSD) board of education, the annual meeting was called to order to elect officers, set board meeting times and location, and approve committee assignments for 2020-21.

Laura Morine, board secretary, presided over the first part of the meeting, held in the auditorium of the jr/sr high school, with Morine and board president Eric Smith physically present and board members Matt O’Loughlin, Jennifer Sornson, Kim Hansen, and Gina Trimble in attendance electronically.

Election of Officers

Eric Smith was elected president on a 3-2 vote over Jennifer Sornson. Kim Hansen was elected vice president on a 3-2 vote over Matt O’Loughlin. Morine issued the oath of office to each. Following his re-election as president of the board, Smith presided over the balance of the meeting.

Board Meetings

For 2020-21, regular board meetings – unless otherwise advertised – will be held in the district’s central office boardroom on the third Monday of the month. The board approved the following meeting schedule on a 5-0 vote:

- December 21, 2020

- January 18, 2021

- February 15, 2021

- March 15, 2021

- April 19, 2021

- May 17, 2021

- June 21, 2021

- July 19, 2021

- August 16, 2021

- September 20, 2021

- October 18, 2021

- November 15, 2021

Roll Call Vote Order

The board unanimously approved the roll call vote order:

- December/January/February – O’Loughlin, Hansen, Smith, Sornson, Trimble

- March/April – Hansen, Smith, Sornson, Trimble, O’Loughlin

- May/June – Smith, Sornson, Trimble, O’Loughlin, Hansen

- July/August/September – Sornson, Trimble, O’Loughlin, Hansen, Smith,

- October/November – Trimble, O’Loughlin, Hansen, Smith, Sornson

Committee Assignments

The following committee assignments were approved, 5-0:

- Extra-Curricular Activities – O’Loughlin and Trimble

- IASB – Delegate Assembly (represents ICSD at the 2021 IASB Delegate Assembly) – Smith

- Mustang Foundation Board of Directors – Sornson and Hansen

- Calendar Committee – Sornson

- School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) – Hansen

- Mentor/Volunteer Advisory Board – Smith

- Career and Technical Advisory Committee – Sornson

- Indee Agriculture Education – Sornson

- Construction Oversite and Traffic Flow Committee – Smith and Hansen

- Tree and Landscaping Committee – Hansen

- Auditorium Marketing Committee – O’Loughlin and Hansen

- Buchanan County Conference Board – Trimble

- Paver/Trail Funds Committee – O’Loughlin

- Salary Compensation Advisory Committee – Smith and O’Loughlin

- Benefit Advisory Committee (new for 2020-21) – Trimble

- City Council Liaisons – Brandon/Rowley – Smith; the rest of the board will rotate based on bill review month

New Business

The board conducted the following new business:

- Consider Approval of Ahlers & Cooney, P.C., Lynch Dallas, P.C., and Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman, and Dicker LLP as legal counsels for the district and board of directors – motion carried, 5-0.

- Consider approval of resolution naming depositories – motion carried, 5-0.

- Consider approval of resolution to pay bills when the board is not in session – motion carried, 5-0.

- Consider approval of resolution to issue payroll – motion carried, 5-0.

- Consider approval of resolution to authorize the use of a check protector and signer and the proper control of the signer – motion carried, 5-0.

- Discussion of licensed employee early retirement plan Board Policy 407.3 and 407.4 and certified staff early notification incentive – the board discussed these items and felt they needed more information.

- Consider approval of licensed employee early retirement plan Policy 407.3 and 407.4 first reading – agenda item died due to the lack of a motion.

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