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Left to right Tom Westhoff, Senior Energy Services Representative, Ryan Nielsen, Wapsie Valley Creamery, and Melissa Hearn, Community Relations and Marketing Director.

INDEPENDENCE – Wapsie Valley Creamery recently received an award from the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities for energy efficiency measures implemented over the last year. They were one of five chosen to receive the award for 2015.

Wapsie Valley Creamery incorporated many energy-saving features into their recent expansion. These features included:

• Energy efficient interior LED lighting with occupancy sensor controls

• Increased storage tank insulation

• Variable frequency drive controls on water tower pumps, ammonia refrigeration compressors, and process pumps

• Premium efficient motors

The efficiency improvements implemented by Wapsie Valley Creamery will save approximately 773,599 kilowatt-hours of electric energy annually and reduce electric power demand by 203.7 kW. The improvements are estimated to reduce electric utility costs by approximately $75,000 annually.

“We’re very pleased that Wapsie Valley Creamery was chosen for this award,” said Kevin Sidles, General Manager of Independence Light and Power, Telecommunications. “Many of the measures implemented will have a payback of less than three years proving that energy efficiency is a wise investment. When our customers improve their energy efficiency, it’s a benefit to not only the customer, but to the utility and the community as well.”

For more information on the utility’s programs and services for businesses, call Energy Services Representative Tom Westhoff at 563-451-3195.

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