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City snow removal

City of Independence workers clear the streets after a February 2019 snowstorm.

INDEPENDENCE - 69.20 SNOW EMERGENCY. No person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley, or City owned or leased off-street parking area during any snow emergency proclaimed by the Mayor unless the snow has been removed or plowed from said street, alley or parking area and the snow has ceased to fall. A snow emergency parking ban shall continue from its proclamation throughout the duration of the snow or ice storm and the 48-hour period after cessation of such storm except as above provided upon streets which have been fully opened. Such a ban shall be of uniform application and the Police Chief is directed to publicize the requirements widely, using all available news media, in early November each year. Where predictions or occurrences indicate the need, the Mayor or City Manager shall proclaim a snow emergency and the Police Chief shall inform the news media to publicize the proclamation and the parking rules thereunder. Such emergency may be extended or shortened when conditions warrant.

If you should have questions regarding this ordinance, please visit the Independence Police Department, 2349 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 3, or call 319-334-2520.