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Across the country, fans know that WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. At the 2019 Buchanan County Fair sheep show on July 3, WWE stood for The sheep show at the 2019 Buchanan County Fair is in the books, and the hardworking young people who showed their ewes, rams, and lambs definitely had what it took to impress the judge as well as the packed house in attendance. Despite the heat and humidity, Seth Koch of Tama, who served as show judge, took his time to examine the many entries and asked the kids about their animals.

If you’re not familiar with sheep, they – to put it mildly – require some wrangling in the show ring. These animals are muscular and powerful, and they can be a handful for an experienced teenage boy to handle – let alone a petite young girl showing her first 4-H lamb. Nevertheless, each young person had the wrestling skills required to show their animal in the best light.

Koch said, “After 12 years working with my boys and their fair livestock, this is my first chance to judge here in Buchanan County. I’m impressed with the young people here, the breeding and care that’s gone into their animals, and the sheep show over all. Let’s give the kids a round of applause.”

For more information about the sheep show and other livestock competitions at this year’s fair, watch out for our fair wrap-up edition in the coming weeks.