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Cedar River

(above Nashua)

Water levels are low. Water clarity is improvied. Use caution when boating; submersed hazards hazards may have moved. Channel Catfish — Good: Use worms and cheese or stink baits fished on the river bottom. Smallmouth Bass — Good: Try spinnerbaits or crankbaits fished on the edge of eddies or drop-offs. Walleye — Good: Use a jig and twister tail or worm fished in the eddies and slack water. Bluegill — Good: Try a small hook tipped with piece of worm fished along the shoreline. Black Crappie — Good: Find crappies in side channels and backwaters. Use a hook tipped with a minnow or bladed spinner.


District Streams

Regularly scheduled stocking returns in September. It’s the perfect time to use terrestrial terminal tackle when fly fishing. Grasshoppers, crickets, and ants should turn a trout head. Check the 2019 trout stream stocking calendar or call the stocking number at 563-927-5736 to find out when your favorite trout stream will be stocked. Brown Trout — Good: Brown trout are feasting on terrestrial insects; try grasshopper or cricket flies. Also try crayfish. Rainbow Trout — Good: A crappie or bluegill set-up works great for trout fishing. Put a piece of cheese or small piece of worm on a hook under a bobber in a good hole and wait. Brook Trout — Good: With dirtier water, try woolly buggers, San Juan worms or other subsurface flies and lures. For clear water, use emerging insects with a scud dropper.

Lake Hendricks

Water temperatures are in the mid-70’s. Clarity is poor with an algae bloom limiting visibility. Black Crappie — Good: Use a hook tipped with a minnow under a bobber. A slow troll might get one to come to a hook. Bluegill — Fair: Find fish on the edge of weed beds. Use a small piece of worm about a foot below a bobber. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Use topwater lures fished in the edge of weeds. Channel Catfish — Good: Channel catfish are biting. Use worms or baits. Leave your bait on the bottom until you feel a tug; set the hook.

Lake Meyer

Water temperatures are in the low 70’s. Water clarity is excellent. Anglers report hit or miss action for panfish. Bluegill — Fair: Use a small piece of worm under a bobber just above the submersed weeds. Black Crappie — Fair: A bladed spinnerbait just above the vegetation should turn a crappie head. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Fish topwater lures in the evening and morning. Channel Catfish — Good: Catch nice sized catfish in shallow water near woody structures. Fish during low light conditions with clear water.

Upper Iowa River (below Decorah)

Water clarity is good. Use caution on the water; high flows and low water levels can cause dangerous conditions for paddlers. Watch for strainers; go around log jams. Smallmouth Bass — Good: Use crawdad crankbaits or jigs tipped with black or white twister tails. Walleye — Fair: Fish the eddies and drop-offs. Jigs tipped with minnows or twister tails work well.

Volga Lake

Water temperatures are in the low 70’s. A green algal bloom is present. Bluegill — Fair: Find fish at depths of 6 feet or less. Use a small piece of worm on a small hook under a bobber. Black Crappie — Fair: Slowly troll through the lake to find suspended fish. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Run a crank or jerk bait along the edge of rocky or woody structure. Channel Catfish — Good: Find a shallow shoreline littered with woody debris. Use cut bait or worms and wait for a whiskery tug.

Chance for rain through the weekend. Temperatures in the low 70’s for highs to 50’s for lows. Water clarity on area streams is good. Fish action is picking up with cooler temperatures. For current fishing information, please call the Decorah Fish Hatchery at 563-382-8324.

Brinker Lake

Anglers are still having good success catching crappie in Brinker Lake. Black Crappie — Good: Look for structure; fish a live minnow or jigs at various depths to find suspended fish.

Cedar River

(Nashua to La Porte City)

Channel Catfish — Fair: Look for log jams or snags to find channel catfish on the rivers. Use chicken liver, stink baits and cut baits. Walleye — Fair: Cast and retrieve a half a crawler on a jig or cast a crankbait. Look for woody structure or drop-offs of downstream sandbars to find walleye.

Harold Getty Lake

Anglers are catching crappie in Harold Getty Lake. Black Crappie — Good: Look for structure; use a live minnow or jigs at various depths to find suspended fish.

Lake Delhi

Lake Delhi has been producing bluegill and largemouth bass. Boat traffic should lessen after the holiday weekend. Bluegill — Fair: Find structure or fish from docks to find bluegill. Cast and retrieve small jigs or use a piece of nightcrawler under a bobber. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Cast and retrieve spinnerbaits, crankbaits or plastics along area docks and shorelines.