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The Independence wrestling team, ranked 3rd in Class 2A upset the 2nd-ranked Williamsburg by 1 tie-breaking point Thursday night.

The Mustangs hosted a triangular that also included Vinton Shellsburg, who Williamsburg and Independence both routed.

The Independence and Williamsburg wrestlers who have made it into The Predicament’s rankings all won.

Independence’s no. 1-ranked 170-pounder Cole Davis won by pin, 3rd-ranked 126-pounder Isaiah Weber by major decision, and 7th-ranked 160-pounder Matthew Doyle by decision. Mustang Christian Kremer, who is ranked 5th at 195, won by fall at 220.

Williamsburg’s no. 1-ranked 138-pounder Jalen Schropp won by fall, 9th-ranked 285-pounder Cole Cremeens by fall, and 7th-ranked 120-pounder Kayden Gryp by sudden victory.

But the dual came down to Independence’s 182-pounder Marcus Beatty defeating Max Meade by 5-4 decision in the tie breaker.


Independence travels to Benton Community on Saturday, Jan. 11, for a wrestling tournament that begins at 8 a.m.


195: Tyler Portwood (WILL) over Korver Hupke (INDE) (Dec 7-5)

220: Christian Kremer, who is ranked No. 5 at 195 (INDE) over Billy Grout (WILL) (Fall 1:05)

285: No. 9 Cole Cremeens (WILL) over Dylan Reuther (INDE) (Fall 3:27)

106: Kale Wieland (INDE) over Tytan Guerrero (WILL) (SV-1 5-3)

113: Gavin Jensen (WILL) over Dalton Hoover (INDE) (Dec 8-7)

120: No. 7 Kayden Gryp (WILL) over Carter Straw (INDE) (SV-1 5-3)

126: No. 3 Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Chase Malloy (WILL) (MD 14-1)

132: Sam Van Dee (WILL) over Caleb Straw (INDE) (Dec 5-2)

138: No. 1 Jalen Schropp (WILL) over Caden Larson (INDE) (Fall 0:38)

145: Kam Royster (WILL) over Teegan McEnany (INDE) (Dec 10-3)

152: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Gable Dayton (WILL) (Dec 8-6)

160: No. 7 Matthew Doyle (INDE) over Riley Holt (WILL) (Dec 10-6)

170: No. 1 Cole Davis (INDE) over Nick Marovets (WILL) (Fall 3:21)

182: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over Max Meade (WILL) (TB-1 5-4)


220: Christian Kremer (INDE) over Chris King (VISH) (Fall 2:33)

285: Dylan Reuther (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

106: Kale Wieland (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

113: Ryan Eddy (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

120: Carter Straw (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

126: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

132: Brady Ortner (VISH) over Caleb Straw (INDE) (Dec 8-1)

138: Caden Larson (INDE) over Bryce Radeke (VISH) (Fall 2:11)

145: Teegan McEnany (INDE) over Jimmy Mull (VISH) (Fall 3:53)

152: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Curtis Erickson (VISH) (Dec 3-0)

160: Matthew Doyle (INDE) over Cayden Kelley (VISH) (Fall 1:03)

170: Cole Davis (INDE) over Luke Beyer (VISH) (Fall 3:31)

182: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over (VISH) (For.)

195: Korver Hupke (INDE) over Taylor Anderson (VISH) (Fall 3:03)