Car pulled from Mississippi

On Thursday, Oct. 15, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and Mar-Mac Police Department were able to successfully recover the vehicle from the west channel of the Mississippi River near the Marquette City boat ramp. The vehicle, first discovered in 2017 by a local fisherman, had initially been examined by the La Crosse County Dive Unit in November 2017. Over almost the next three years river stage levels and environmental restrictions have prevented further attempts. Now with low and stable conditions, coordination with the Delhi Fire Department Dive Team and Tegeler Wrecker and Crane was arranged. The successful recovery identified a yellow 1985 Lincoln Town Car last registered in 2007 through Wisconsin. Scene processing did not locate any suspicious items inside the vehicle. The investigation remains open in an effort to determine how and why the vehicle was there. Assisting on scene were McGregor Fire Department and Mar-Mac EMS.