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Carol's Closet

Pictured is David Judge of Elgin, a volunteer for Carol’s Closet. David enjoys coming to the store to sort donations and help take donations to other locations in need.

Carol’s Closet at 624 Commercial St., in Strawberry Point, has been in opera-tion more than seven years, helping veterans, seniors and families in northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin with household and clothing needs. Board members are proud to announce a second location has opened in Waukon.

Board member, Karen Ehde of Harpers Ferry, has volunteered multiple hours for the Strawberry Point location the past several years. Karen and husband Randy opened the doors March 1st in Waukon. She has a few volunteers in the area who have offered to help with this location, and is hoping more will join the team.

Carol’s Closet has ongoing fundraising efforts to continue assisting northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin veterans, seniors, and families. The goal is to have a third location in operation by 2021.

Volunteer coordinator Jane Sparrgrive explained consigning your furniture is a simple process.

Persons should first call and leave a message at 563-608-9649 or 563-933-6235. They will then receive a call back and set up a time to deliver your item(s). Pick up is available with a fee collected at the time of pick up. Then, on the 10th of the following month after an item is sold, persons can pick up their 50% check of the sold item or receive a check by mail.

Carol’s Closet sells your item(s) either online or at one of the two locations in Waukon and Strawberry Point.

For persons not interested in consignment, Carol’s Closet accepts good to ex-cellent condition donated furniture. Depending on the condition of an item and location, free pick up is available. Those wishing to donate items are asked to text a picture and details to 563-608-9649 or call and leave a message. At this time adult clothing is not being accepted.

“Consigning to Carol’s Closet helps you and our community,” said Sparrgrove. “This will be an ongoing fundraiser for Carol’s Closet. Recent furniture con-signed or donated are couches, recliners (including lift chairs) dressers, nightstands, end tables, kitchen tables, and chairs. If items aren’t sold in two months, they are given away to individuals or families in need.”

Carol’s Closet is open by appointment and every Monday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. More open hours are planned soon. Volunteers are needed to keep the store open more and to sort donations. Call volunteer coordinator Jane Sparrgrove at her home office 563-933-6235 to ask questions, and to receive more details re-garding volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours are flexible and based on your availability. Volunteers can choose to clerk the store, help sort, and determine what is sold locally or sent out to other northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin organizations helping others.

Volunteers can offer to deliver items to Manchester, Edgewood, and Oelwein. Some donations are sent to veteran homes or homeless shelters in the cities of Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, or Dubuque.

One of the volunteers this past year, Anne Byer of Strawberry Point said, “Volun-teering for Carol’s Closet has brought me great satisfaction that I am helping our community and beyond. I have helped to organize, set up care packages to be given away for children and families, including baby essentials, and other items veterans or seniors may need.”

In 2019, families and individuals helped exceeded 200. Items given away were clothes, furniture, household essentials, new cribs, new car seats, diapers, and other adult hygiene necessities. Also assisted was a local veteran with a dona-tion for utilities.

Carol’s Closet had a very generous donation from a local couple in February. They donated a handicap accessible wheelchair van. Carol’s Closet looks for-ward to helping individuals in our community in need of an easy way to get to appointments. Carol’s Closet will ask for a free will donation of anyone using the van. A local caregiving agency will be contracted as the driver of the van. The rate they charge is $13 per hour. For more information and to arrange transpor-tation, please call 563-933-6235.

Carol’s Closet is here to help you or someone you know. Your referrals are ap-preciated. If individuals can’t afford a monetary donation, they are eligible to re-ceive items free. Call for baby clothes to size 14 (children clothing), household items essential for a home, bedding, furniture, and wall decorations.

Carol’s Closet owns a property in Strawberry Point. The fundraising efforts will aid in building a large building to expand the space needed for the future.

Carol’s Closet was named after Carol Dvorak, Spillville, who started the organi-zation in 2013 with her caregiver. Carol’s Closet is a 501c3 tax exempt organi-zation. Your donations of furniture or monetary donations are tax deductible. Donations may be mailed to: Carol’s Closet, 624 Commercial St, Strawberry Point, IA 52076.