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The 405 Grove St. Fairbank property is located in the commercial (C1) zoning district. The parcel comprises the east two lots shown on the map block in red, according to Buchanan County Assessor’s records; Casey’s General Store is the west two lots on that block.

FAIRBANK — Mayor Mike Harter told Fairbank City Council in a discussion on Oct. 12 that he has already taken a couple calls from people interested in buying the lot at 405 Grove St. where a house was demolished Oct. 3.

City Attorney Heather Prendergast advised the council there were a couple of ways to approach selling it, simply select a buyer, or publish a request for proposals.

Fairbank Development Corp. also previously expressed interest in the property, on Aug. 24.

“Either you receive an offer to purchase from somebody, and go ahead and do it, or if you think there’s more than one or two people interested in buying this property, you can do a RFP and publish notice of the RFP specific to the ... parameters (or) goals on this property.’

She gave an example of a Northeast Iowa town that acquired “a habitable home (and) needed somebody to rehab it. It was very specific in the RFP what they were looking for potential buyers to do, then they have a date to open all the bids and reserve a right in the RFP to reject all of them or take the one they want. At least then you’re not stuck in the position of having an offer from … a reputable builder that’s lower than what you might want to sell it for, or from somebody else that’s higher but you don’t know anything about them.”

The lot is is zoned commercial in the Fairbank Zoning Ordinance Map, found on page 77 of the ordinance.