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WEST UNION — The Fayette County Board of Supervisors on Monday approved annual bridge weight restrictions, waivers allowing subdivision of rural acreage, updated the county’s pandemic policy and discussed the 2021-22 fiscal budget.

County Engineer Joel Fantz presented the supervisors a map showing bridges across the county and discussed condition of bridges and annual bridge weight restrictions. Bridge conditions, such as that of some with wood construction, play a key role in determining the restrictions.

The supervisors approved the bridge weight restrictions by a 3-0 vote. The map will be posted on the county’s website.

The supervisors voted 3-0 to re-appoint Gary Grimm and Bob Kalb to represent them on the Fayette County Compensation Board.

The supervisors met with Jen Stolka and about a dozen people representing a mentoring program in the North Fayette Valley School District. Stolka presented the supervisors with a resolution proclaiming January as National Mentoring Month in Fayette County. It was approved 3-0.

The supervisors approved waivers of the subdivision ordinance to allow:

• Mary Lou Nicklaus, of Sumner, to split 15.26 acres from a 62.76-acre parcel in Banks Township;

• Jason Hanken, of Ossian, to split 22 acres a 73.70-acre parcel in Dover Township; and

• Mark Nelson, of Clermont, to split 33 acres from a 291.89-acre parcel in Union Township east of M Avenue and north of 21418 M Avenue.

The supervisors approved an update to the Fayette County Pandemic Policy with no discussion during the meeting, but Tellin explained the changes prior to the meeting being called into session. The changes update the policy to include federal provisions that have expired.

The board continued discussing the 2021-22 budget but made no presentation immediately accessible to the general public.


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