Daily Register roof

Roof damage over the mailroom from gale-force winds Saturday at Oelwein Publishing Company.

Dawn Gelhausen Photo

Winds in excess of 45 mph pounded the area Friday night and Saturday, as another major winter storm whipped through the Midwest over the weekend.

While the Daily Register has not heard of other damage reports from the high winds, we do have one of our own to report.

Saturday morning our press people were performing maintenance in the building when they heard a loud rumble. According to production manager Dawn Gelhausen, her husband Dave, who is head pressman, went to investigate and found the mailroom full of water. He looked up to see insulation hanging and the sky through a hole in the ceiling.

“We had to move a bunch of inserts, tables and tying machines out of way before they got soaked and ruined,” Dawn said. “It took us about 5 hours to get the mess cleaned up.”

She said they also had to clean up the alley behind the building, which was filled with roofing from our building.

Dawn said they are grateful for friends and helpers for coming in and helping tarp the roof for this emergency.