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Despite low milk prices, Fayette County Fair 4-H and FFA livestock exhibit entry figures show dairy remains a popular category this year.

Overall, dairy shows had the second-most entries with 129 after the horse and pony show with 142.

The numbers mainly speak to how the entries are divided.

Since a horse can be shown in up to 15 classes, the actual number of horses will be much less than 142, Fayette County Youth Coordinator Michele Kelly said.

Market animals all take their own categories, so for the total, market beef, swine and lambs plus meat goats and poultry were added to find 301 market-ready animals.

Between beef, including cow/calf pairs, and sheep, 78 breeding animals were entered.

Swine, rabbits and poultry entry numbers here reflect both breeding and meat shows, Kelly said.

“Some areas are up while a few others are down, but I don’t see a big increase or decrease in any of the species from previous years,” Kelly said.

“Please know that just because a youth made an entry doesn’t actually mean the animal exhibit will be at the fair,” she said, noting when students signed up, fair was still six weeks away. “I understand that completely and know that in six weeks lots can change not only with the animal but also with families and their schedules.

“A lot of them will put in a lot of extra entries not knowing.”

There are many contingencies.

“Some of the horse numbers may not pan out like they think because we haven’t been able to practice,” she said, noting recent rainy weather.

Here is the list for the upcoming Fayette County 4-H and FFA entries that were submitted by June 15: 129 dairy entries, 71 breeding beef which includes cow/calf pairs, 93 market beef, 96 market swine and breeding gilts, seven breeding sheep, 22 market lambs, eight Clover Kid sheep, 24 meat goats, one Clover Kid meat goat, 66 poultry, eight Clover Kid poultry, 45 rabbits, 17 bucket and bottle calves, 21 Clover Kid bottle calves, 142 horses and ponies.

For the pet shows, entries included two cats, six Clover Kid cats, 39 dogs and 11 Clover Kid dogs 11. Some entries may fit into multiple categories.

“We currently only do fair entries with livestock,” Kelly said, to a question on static entries.