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Fairbank City Council approved on Monday leveling dips on East Main Street and Fourth Street North and sharing some police equipment with Independence Police that Fairbank hires.

The road work was awarded based on a $1,500 written quote from Kluesner Construction of Farley dated Aug. 14. The scope involves power sweeping, cleaning, furnishing and placing asphalt to level areas.

“I think this will work better than milling along the edges,” Kluesner Construction noted on the quote in response to city staff comments. “Milling will create a larger area for water to pond and (make it) more difficult to remove the snow.”

In other action, the Fairbank Council approved a sharing agreement for some police equipment “in the event Fairbank hired any police officers who are employed with Independence ... as authorized by Independence’s Chief of Police” with verbal reference to a part-time officer it hired last month who also works part-time for the Independence Police Department, Mark Gudenkauf.

Independence passed a 28e sharing agreement and Fairbank City Attorney Heather Prendergast altered the wording on the version before the council.

Fairbank City Clerk Brittany Fuller described “which pieces of this equipment we’re entering this agreement with,” to the council. “I called (acting Fairbank Police Chief) Mike Everding and he said handcuffs, the vest, the duty belt. If you guys choose to go otherwise it’s still okay to have the 28e agreement with them then purchase his own equipment eventually.”

Fuller said the city didn’t intend for the agreement to apply to firearms despite wording from the city attorney she perceived to address that in the agreement.

“Any personal injury, disability or death of a Fairbank’s personnel or third-parties involving borrowed equipment shall be Fairbank’s sole and exclusive responsibility,” the agreement states.

“He’s actually using our gun, and Everding said, the taser,” Fuller said.

“As long as he’s not using the (Independence Police) gun which Everding never wanted him to (in case) it ever were to get tied up in an investigation,” Fuller said.

“We got him uniforms,” Fuller added.

None of the equipment will have the word Independence displayed on it while being used by Fairbank, per the agreement. The agreement is termed to last a year and to renew automatically. It does not state significant monetary exchange but leaves it open, noting “for $1 and other good and valuable consideration” and says Fairbank will repair or replace equipment damaged or destroyed by Independence officers while serving Fairbank.

The agreement will not involve sharing of personnel such as if Independence needs help, Fuller said.

The council adopted the item-sharing agreement unanimously.


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