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Staff of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources looked over the city of Fairbank floodplain ordinance and recommended amendments for the city to be compliant with the national flood insurance program and an ordinance update requirement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. City Clerk Brittany Fuller told City Council on Monday she will input the suggestions into the 12-page ordinance for DNR review before the council takes the needed readings and votes to adopt the amended ordinance by Dec. 31.

“He (a DNR staffer) said the city is welcome to adopt their model ordinance to satisfy FEMA’s ordinance update requirement, or if you prefer you can review the city’s existing floodplain (ordinance) and provide a list of amendments necessary for the city to be compliant with NFIP (national flood insurance program),” Fuller said.

A flood map bearing a 2020 copyright crediting USDA and Maxar Technologies is available on a geographic information system (computer) overlay of Google Maps at, under data. The GIS flood map shows Costa’s Sports Bar and Grill borders the 0.2% annual chance (500-year) floodplain. The 500-year floodplain also borders on the parking lots of Don’s Truck Sales and Immaculate Conception Church and up behind Woods Funeral Home, from locations marked on the map. How it varies from past maps was unclear.

“I was interested in why they said in the floodplain you only had to have one foot above the 500 year flood,” Councilman Ted Vorwald said. “That’s cutting it pretty close, could we change that if we wanted to? That’s probably standard.”

“If you guys have any suggestions, otherwise just letting you know what is happening,” Fuller said. “This will all get put into our ordinance and you’ll see that probably at the next meeting and we’ll go from there.”


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