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Oelwein Football_team

2020 OELWEIN FOOTBALL TEAM -- Front row: Logan Trimble, Josh James, Drew Grundemeyer, Roland Trimble, Dalton Lape, Rick Ladeburg, head coach Bob Lape, Madison Kunkle, Nick Robinson, Alex Stepan, Ron Voshell, trainer Mike Vandenhul, Damon Melchert.  Second row: Nolan Lamphier 14, Blake Spence 18, Terick Pryor 23, Josh Ladeburg 44, Brandon Benter 5, Jonah Wion 59, Ayden James 79, Regan McKeeman 66, Ricky McKeeman 73, Dylan Ritter 11, Gavin Emery 64.  Third row: Landon Foley 20, Ethan Detemmerman 4, Garet Kiel 3, Carter Jeanes 6, Cooper Smock 52, Storm Schmidtke 73, Kale Horkheimer 2, Josh Lopez 57, Mikeal Lewin 68, Malaki Wagenknecht 1, Tres Grant 55, Mitchell Trumblee 76, Jacob Brackin 35.  Fourth row: Tyrone Armstead 65, Deron Henderson 53, Isaac Opperman 10, Patrick Twaites 88, Duncan Tripp 1, Logan Cockerham 5, Colton Roete 82, Austin Perry 3, Jacob King 11, Chirs Rocha 9, Brock Steinlage 99, Gage Voshell 4, Carsen Jeanes 19, Parker Sperfslage 50, Thyron Mathews 39, Caden Palmer 6, Ryan McKeeman 57, Chance Conner 81.  Back row: Carson Cox 28, Cori Lickiss 72, Jeremiah Sullivan 22, Christian Stoler 79, Landyn Schuldt 54, Spencer Logan 35 Cole Hamilton 23, Alex Duffy 51, Mason Kunkle 64, Westin Woodson 68, Jonathan Buehler 18, Ethan Studebaker 87, Owen Rechkemmer 78.

Oelwein took a 36-14 lead into the fourth quarter in Tama. Then came the reality check. South Tama was not about to roll over and quit.

The Trojan’s senior running back Payton Vest — who rushed for 1,024 yards in the seven-game regular season — scored twice in less than three minutes to get his team back in the game.

Online sportscaster John Leo, who called the game on, said the Huskies defense had kept Vest bottled up much of the night and swiped three fumbles from him. With less than 10 minutes in the game, though, Vest finally broke loose on a toss sweep to for a long touchdown. The Huskies denied the two-point conversion, making the score 36-20.

South Tama got the ball back right away on an onside kick and then Vest took another pitch, made it around the end and sprinted for another long touchdown. This time the Trojans got the two-point conversion and were one score away from tying the contest.

The Huskies lined up to field another onside kick attempt, but the Trojans sent the ball deep, giving Oelwein’s offense a chance to eat clock and put the game out of reach. They did.

Oelwein marched down the field with senior running back Gage Voshell leading the way. He had already scored four rushing touchdowns in the game. This time though, senior fullback Isaac Opperman finished the drive with a touchdown and then the two-point conversion. Oelwein would go on to win 42-28.

Voshell ended the night with 385 yards on 39 carries. Opperman had 22 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Duncan Tripp ran for 71 yards and Carsen Jeanes had 29 yards.

The Trojans had one more drive, but it was stuffed by the Oelwein defense, with Voshell capping the effort off with a sack. He had 3.5 sacks in the game. Mason Kunkle had one and Opperman had a half sack.

Recovering fumbles for the Huskies were Logan Cockerham, Jerimiah Sullivan and Kunkle.


South Tama _ 14 _ 0 __ 0 _ 14 — 28

Oelwein _____0 __14 __14_14 — 42

UP NEXT: Oelwein will travel to Solon for the second round next Friday. The game time will be 7 p.m. and Leo will have the call on