Scrap Metal Drive

Jared Stewart places scrap metal into the Knights of Columbus dumpster on Friday.

Deb Kunkle Photo

The Knights of Columbus with The Columbus Club are seeing a good return on their decision to put a “SCRAP METAL ONLY” dumpster on the northeast corner of their parking lot. It is located across from Kmart at 2102 South Frederick in Oelwein.

The dumpster is for the area residents that have not had a choice on where to dispose of metal items they no longer want or need. These items may be old appliances, lawnmowers, aluminum doors and siding, old metal lawn furniture, small or large engines, bicycles, and any other scrap metal you may have.

Jared Stewart was doing a little spring cleaning and found the dumpster especially useful.

“This is convenient, especially when you don’t have enough for a big load to a scrapyard,” he said as he unloaded a few items from the back of his truck.

Monies collected will be used to support the community through the programs of the Knights of Columbus and The Columbus Club.