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OELWEIN — Marianne Reynolds led the discussion of “Educated,” a memoir by Tara Westover at the Tuesday Tourist meeting on Feb. 11, at the home of Linda Ridihalgh. Co-hostess for the event was Karen Cannon.

This one-of-a-kind inspiring story was about a woman who, in spite of her difficult and traumatic childhood, was able to overcome her survivalist family.

Although she received no formal education, she was able to teach herself math, grammar, and science; took the ACT exam and was admitted to Brigham young University. There she studied psychology, politics, philosophy and history, learning for the first time about world events like the Holocaust and the Civil Rights movement.

Her quest for knowledge transformed her; taking her to Harvard and across the ocean to Cambridge. Only then would she wonder if she had traveled too far … if there would still be a way home.

Members enjoyed a Valentine theme for the meeting, with “x and o” cookies among the treats.

For the March meeting, the Tuesday Tourist members will convene at the home of Sheila Bryan to discuss the book, “Eleanor” by Harold Ivan Smith.