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In 2002, Jim Mazziotti, packed up his family and took his business skills and real estate knowledge from his hometown of Oelwein, to Bend, Oregon. This, after being part of the Oelwein community for some 47 years, where he graduated from Oelwein High School, was part of the Mazziotti family music business, served on numerous boards and volunteer organizations, was a city councilman, and opened and operated a successful Oelwein real estate office.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Jim Mazziotti returns home. This time he won’t be speaking with constituents about vacated alleys or main street issues. He won’t be chasing business and industry to locate in his hometown or raising funds for a community project or even looking to sell your home. Instead, Mazziotti returns to talk about a book, his book, ‘The Challenge: How 144 Letters Changed My Life, The Life Of My Son, And Will Change Your life, Too.’

Mazziotti’s book has been described by others as “a beautiful story of a young man’s journey from being lost and then found.”

One reviewer penned, “It’s a father and son love story you won’t want to miss.” And still another said, “Jim Mazziotti takes you on a journey in ‘The Challenge’ that will raise your faith in the power and source of love.”

Mazziotti said of his book, “The Challenge was a very important book that I really wanted to read — but nobody had written it yet — so I did.”

While working in the real estate business, and building a hugely successful Bend company, made up of his team of 25 real estate agents, not everything in his life, and that of his family, went perfectly after moving to Bend. Long journeys seldom do. Mazziotti’s journey was full of obstacles, risk, pain and heartbreak. ‘The Challenge’ addresses all of those, and the way out, that can only be attributed to God, family, love … and in the end, ‘the prize.’

Mazziotti describes his author presentations and book signings as “a celebration of love and the power of words.”

The Oct. 29 author event begins at 5:30 p.m. complete with wine and appetizers. It is being offered and sponsored by proprietors Donna Saathoff, owner of Decades and Deb Kellogg–Rummel, the owner of ‘Delish,’ located at 25 South Frederick in Oelwein. Together they will provide a night to remember.

For complete information, cost and details contact Donna Saathoff at 319-240-7250.