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Miss Waucoma crowned as Fayette County Fair Queen; Kime steps in when auctioneer swallows bug

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WEST UNION — It turns out newly-crowned 2021 Fayette County Fair Queen Makaela Kime has auctioneering skills.

“Going once, going twice, sold — $4,200,” said Kime, auctioning off the caramel apple pie she made.

More than 10 minutes earlier, auctioneer Dave Burrack declared he swallowed a bug and lost his voice. After finding no volunteer callers from the audience, he handed the microphone to Kime to begin calling.

“I think I just lost my job,” Burrack remarked upon her closing. Polite laughter came from the crowd that filled the benches and bleachers at the bandstand.

“He’s just like, ‘Have you ever auctioned before?’” Kime recalled Burrack asking.

“‘No, how do I do it?’” she recalled saying. “I went with it, and every time I messed up it was OK.

“It was fun, I got to auction off my own pie, and I broke the amount of money the pie sold for.”

Farmers Win Co-op of Hawkeye, her father Michael’s employer, purchased the pie. Adding fundraising — both beforehand and that night — she brought in $6,374, toward the $26,655 total candidates helped raise toward renovating the fairgrounds’ dance pavilion.

The auction followed the crowning of 2021 Fayette County Fair royalty Tuesday at the bandstand in West Union. The winners were (Second) Runner-Up Abigail Patrick (Miss Oelwein); Personality Plus awardee and Princess Naomi Scott (Miss Westgate 2021), Queen Makaela Kime (Miss Waucoma 2021), and Leadership awardee Cassandra Moss (Miss West Union 2020).

“When you have to give a fun fact at the State Fair, there you go,” said contest coordinator Renee Larson. “That you had to auction off your own pie because the auctioneer lost his voice.”

Larson has dramatically increased fundraising for the fairgrounds during her run coordinating the county queen contest — 11 of the last 16 years. She began in 2005, four years after being selected 2001 Queen. Since 2014, the Fayette County Fair Queen Pie Auction has raised $74,656 toward fairgrounds improvements.

It has been a long time since Kime, 17, showed a bucket and bottle calf with the Far-Out Fours, her 4-H club that has since disbanded due to lack of members. She’s looking forward to the county and state fairs.

“This week I’m excited to be with all the people who are showing their livestock, the grandstand events — being able to be down there, and working with the Princess, Naomi Scott, being able to get closer with her, and just getting to know everybody and being at the fair like I used to be all the time,” Kime said.

“It’s been a while,” said Kime, since her bottle calf days.

She is also looking forward to the experience of competing with fellow county queens at the Iowa State Fair. Megan Niewoehner, the 2022 Fayette County Queen Contest coordinator, and the 2018 Fayette County Queen, offered to give her some pointers.

“Megan was talking about if I needed any tips, she could be around to help me with my resume and making sure everything was how they wanted,” Kime said of a conversation after the evening’s events.

“She was just telling me how great an experience she had at the State Fair, so being able to hear that from her and have that conversation.”

“And she will be taking over our queen coordinating,” Kime said. “So it’ll be a lot of fun to work with her. This year was her practice run of being able to see what Renee would always do.”

Kime gave credit to her parents, Michael and Andrea Kime of rural Waucoma.

“My parents have pushed me a lot to make sure I got involved with everything whether it be school or not. They pushed me to do Miss Waucoma, and here I am, 2021 Fair Queen.”


• Oelwein Fareway purchased Miss Oelwein Abi Patrick’s cherry lattice pie for $1,000. With fundraising, she brought in a total of $1,671.

• Miss Westgate 2021 Naomi Scott’s apple pie, based on Grandma Foster’s recipe, sold to Reinking Ag Pioneer for $1,600, and with all support, her total was $2,065.

• Miss Maynard 2020 Octavia George’s pear pie sold to the Fayette County Fair Board for $500.

• Miss Maynard 2021 Aaliyah Gordon’s blueberry pie sold for $1,300 to Steinbronn Pioneer and she raised a total of $3,040 with local support.

• Miss St. Lucas 2020/21 Harley Baumler’s pie sold to Alpha Trailers, in Oelwein for $900.

Larson thanked the participants on social media after Tuesday’s queen contest and pie auction.

“Wow, Fayette County, your support of the Fayette County Fair Queen Contest and the Fayette County Fair is phenomenal!” Larson wrote. “Thanks to all who helped break these records and help make my last Queen Crowning and Pie Auction one to remember! It has been my absolute pleasure to coordinate all these years, and I will truly miss all that this amazing experience entails! I’m excited to have one last Fair week with all the great girls and help our new Queen prepare for the State Fair before officially ‘retiring’!”


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