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The recreational trail in Wings Park between Diamonds 2 and 3, has a couple of new features that will benefit cyclists and walkers/joggers alike.

Oelwein Parks Superintendent Josh Johnson and members of the Park and Rec Board, and Trail Committee were present for an unveiling of a bicycle repair stop and a stretching station Tuesday afternoon at the park site.

Johnson said the Park and Rec Board had applied for a grant for the project, but unfortunately, was not a recipient. The Board thought they might not be able to complete the project that had been planned for some time.

Then Lori Broghammer, area manager for ITC Midwest, learned about the project. ITC Midwest, operates more than 6,800 miles of electric transmission lines in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri, including the former Interstate Power & Light Company.

Broghammer said ITC often partners in community projects that enhance the quality of life for residents. She said the company was happy to help make the project at Wings Park become a reality.

The bicycle repair station is an especially great addition to the trail system, according to Marcia Woodraska, a Board member. She has logged over 1,300 miles on her bicycle this summer and says the repair station will be a helpful feature with its air pump and tools to make minor repairs like bike chains, loose bike seat, handlebars or pedals.

The station features a bike stanchion in which to park and stabilize the front or rear tire while putting air in it from the attached air hose. There is also a set of bars from which a rider can hang a bike vertically while making a minor repair with the available tools that are on retractable cables.

Having the bicycle repair stop improves bike safety on the trails and saves the rider from having to walk his or her bicycle all the way home.

The other features unveiled Thursday next to the bike stop is a stretching station made of wood planks. Those hiking the trails can stop for a stretch of their muscles on the stationary pieces, or use the pull-up bar. The new trail features are conveniently located across the walking path from the recently installed drinking fountain behind Diamond 3, so the area makes a great all-around rest stop.

New concrete was recently poured to finish out the surface.

“We are really happy to be able to complete this project and feel it is a wonderful addition for anyone using the trail. We would also like to thank ITC Midwest for their generosity in helping with this project,” Johnson said.