Buchanan County Conservation naturalist intern Bailey Bergman will host a family-friendly program on animals and their sensory food puzzles at Fontana Park, 1883 125th St., Hazleton.

Community Bank of Oelwein in partnership with Oelwein Dollars for Scholars still has discount tickets available for Adventureland. These tickets can be purchased by anyone in the Oelwein and surrounding communities for a savings of $7 per ticket.

Oelwein Unity for Black Lives will hold a community discussion about racial issues and inclusivity from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4. This will be a live-stream event through a GoToMeeting site, and then on to Facebook.

A Shop Oelwein Summer Scavenger Hunt will be held Aug. 5-20 to help boost shopping locally. The event is sponsored by Community Bank of Oelwein and Oelwein Chamber and Area Development.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 are edging up in Northeast Iowa. As of Thursday at 10 a.m., Bremer County’s total since March has climbed to 175, up nine since Sunday.

DES MOINES — The Iowa Board of Regents on Wednesday unanimously approved a $65.4 million budget cut for the state universities for next year, citing revenue reductions due to coronavirus and d…


The Iowa Judicial Branch has issued orders to resume jury trials for both civil and criminal cases, along with measures to make sure the health and safety of jurors and others in the courtroom…

Thinking about taking some personal time off this summer? It might look and feel a bit different this year in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that plans to unwind, de-stress and detach from work-related responsibilities have to be canceled altogether. Learn ways to decompress and avoid stress while taking PTO.

Summer is back, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the cancellation of festivals, concerts and other large gatherings, people who enjoy being among nature are enjoying the outdoors. Given social distancing and other public health safety measures that are still in place across much of the country —particularly large, urban areas — hiking, camping and fishing can be great ways to pass the time and still be safe.

The question of how much liquid to consume daily basis has no simple answer. Several studies have shown differing recommendations. However, specific fluid needs depend on several factors, which include overall health, location and even level of activeness. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but knowing more about the body’s need for liquids can help in estimating how much ought to be sipped up.