legalizing marijuana

On Tuesday, April 15, Maria La France of Des Moines joined other Iowa moms at a Statehouse committee meeting on the legalization of non-intoxicating medical cannabis oil. La France’s son, Quincy, suffers from frequent epileptic seizures. In 20 other states, parents can already use an oil derived from marijuana to significantly reduce the frequency of life-threatening seizures. From left to right: Quincy La France, Maria La France, and Senator Brian Schoenjahn.


DES MOINES - Last week, State Senator Brian Schoenjahn of Arlington voted with a bipartisan 36-12 Senate majority to legalize the medical use of cannabis oil to reduce epileptic seizures. The legislation is awaiting action by the Iowa House.

“I voted to legalize the possession of non-intoxicating cannabis oil for people suffering from severe epileptic seizures who are under the care of a neurologist. These kids were having hundreds of seizures a day. This measure passed the Senate 36 -12 with good bipartisan support,” Schoenjahn explained.

He said before he made his decision, he talked with those who use cannabis to treat their health problems.

“These people are in a tough spot, and I paid careful attention to what they and their doctors had to say. This medication is legal, available and making a positive difference for patients in 20 other states. When compared to the risky, highly addictive, and very expensive treatments that are already legal, the cannabis oil is safe choice that helps some people,” he pointed out.

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