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Felony case results

State of Iowa v. Paul Wayne Laganiere III, of Lime Springs. An order for a deferred judgment was filed Nov. 25 on the counts of second-degree burglary and third-degree theft. In accordance with a plea bargain, one count of trafficking in stolen weapons was dismissed. Civil penalties of $750 and $1,000 were suspended. Laganiere was placed on supervised probation for two to five years. He must pay court costs and victim restitution.

State of Iowa v. Michael Everett Rhoads, of Waterloo. Rhoads pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and third-offense possession of methamphetamine. He was sentenced Nov. 25 to concurrent prison sentences of 10 and 5 years, which will be served concurrent with sentences in a Black Hawk County case. He was given credit for time served and fines of $10,000 and $750 were suspended.

State of Iowa v. Justin Douglas Pattison, of Sumner. Pattison pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana as a habitual offender, operating while intoxicated- second offense, driving while barred and two counts of child endangerment. He was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison, with a minimum of three years before being eligible for parole. He also received suspended fines.

Felony cases filed

State of Iowa v. Matthew Wade Stacey, 25, of Oelwein. A third count — possession of marijuana — was filed Nov. 26. The first two counts are distribution to persons under age 18 and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

State of Iowa v. Roy Eugene Morarie III, 21, of Cedar Rapids. Six counts of third-degree burglary plus single counts of attempted third-degree burglary and operating a vehicle without owner’s consent were filed Nov. 20.

State of Iowa v. William Perry Moore, 30, of West Union. Charges of first-degree robbery and assault while displaying a dangerous weapon were filed Nov. 20

State of Iowa v. Jessica Lynn Bratten, 39, of Oelwein. Bratten pleaded not guilty on Nov. 22 to one count of first-degree theft.

State of Iowa v. Blayze Lee Harding, 26, of Oelwein. He was charged Nov. 26 with eluding, driving while barred and two counts of possession of marijuana.

State of Iowa v. Sabrina Anastacia Tenge, 40, of West Union. She was charged Nov. 26 with possession of contraband in a correctional institution.

City caseResult

City of Oelwein v. Brad James Maillie, of Oelwein. Case dismissed Nov. 26 after city reported that Maillie’s property had been brought into compliance.


DRUNKEN DRIVING CASES FILED — Travis James Tucker, 20 of Oelwein and Jacob Robert Eitel, 38, of Hawkeye.

Civil Court

Case results

University of Iowa Community Credit Union v. James Earl Johnson, of Oelwein. Judgment filed Nov. 22 for the credit union of $32,387.40 plus interest and court costs.

Ford Motor Credit Company v. Susan Stainbrook. Default judgment filed Nov. 21 for the credit company of $8,590.61 plus interest and court costs.

Veridian Credit Union v. Deanna Nancy Ruiz. Default judgment filed Nov. 22 for the credit union of two counts — $6476.67 and $2,982.10 plus interest and court costs.

Cases filed

Farmers Savings Bank v. Kent William and Sheila L Reinking; Irene C Reinking, trustee of the Irene C. Reinking Revocable Trust; Devere and Norma Potenberg; and Innovative Ag Services Co. Petition filed Nov. 20 seeking a money judgment of $3,358,335 for promissory notes, as well as mortgage and security interest foreclosures.

BankUnited NA v. Jeffery L. Frazer; Jeannie Marie Hufford nka Jeannie Marie Frazer, U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee of CVI loan GT Trust I, Auto Vest LLC, and parties in possession. A petition for foreclosure was filed Nov. 22 for 525 1st St. SW, Oelwein.

United States Of America acting through Rural Housing Service, USDA v. Becky Mae Bentley, spouse and parties in possession. A foreclosure petition was filed Nov. 25 for 21 6th Ave SE, Oelwein.

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp. v. Eriq Damon Johnson. Petition for a money judgment of $8,937.54 filed Nov. 21.

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp v. David Augustin. Petition for a money judgment of $6,601.51 filed Nov. 25.