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If you know anything about huskies is that they really like the snow.

Well, apparently so do Oelwein Huskies. As a snow storm began to brew outside Viper Lanes Friday night, the Oelwein boys varsity bowling team won their second match of the season.

The Huskies defeated Sumner-Fredericksburg 2,427 to 2,400 pins.

Oelwein’s Jestin Espe led all bowlers with a 380 series (168, 212). S-F’s Lane Arens rolled the highes game, a 242, on the way to his 377 series.

For Oelwein, Austin Espe rolled a 342 series (151, 191), followed by Devon Pint with a 312 (124, 188), Hunter Penhollow with a 302 (159, 143), Collin Ricchio with a 280 (117, 163), and Austin Hoover with a 278 (143, 136).

For S-F Thundyr Quigley rolled a 346 series (165, 181), Ryan Rochford a 289 (165, 181), Chris Wehling a 288 (147, 141), John C. 266 (129, 137) and Jacob Rader a 248 (114, 134).

Oelwein outscored S-F in the individual game round 1,616 to 1,566.

In the baker games, Oelwein won twice:197-190 and 147-115. S-F won three times: 179-150, 179-148 and 171-169.

S-F outscored Oelwein 834-811 in the baker games.


Oelwein will host Cascade on Tuesday, Jan. 14.