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The Oelwein Schools administrative team has started the process to get the district into a virtual learning environment during snow days.

The administrative team met Thursday to address issues such as pay equity and finalize a document Superintendent Josh Ehn said Tuesday the district is making public on Friday about “when it’s time to use the virtual day.” It’s in response to a School Board question.

“The students and teachers are probably ready,” Ehn said. “The bigger problem is probably going to be equity.”

During a virtual day, educators will be working, but some specific support staff who function when students attend in-person, such as bus drivers, likely will not.

So, Ehn explained, virtual days cause the issue of “when can they make that time up to continue to work.

“We spent a lot of time prepping for the virtual but (are) not prepared for the employment side.”

With snow days accumulating, Ehn indicated the district is also balancing what is better — educating students virtually now, or in June face-to-face, and the effect it would have on learning as well as on the summer construction schedule.

The revised hybrid calendar currently available on the district website says May 21-28 will be "COVID-19 make-up days if needed."

“We are actively working to find solutions to these issues so that we will be able to utilize the virtual learning days in the near future,” Ehn said in a follow-up.


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