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It was the word, “cozy” that got to me. “Cozy” is one of my favorite words. I was shopping in the little gift shop at the hospital when I saw it on a memento. “Eat, drink and be cozy” it proclaimed. Since it was a cold and snowy November day, it just fit my mood. I bought it. My mind went to musing on what would be the feeling of “cozy”.

“Cozy” is a little house or room you love.

“Cozy” is a brand new pair of socks on your feet.

“Cozy” is a warmed blanket wrapped around you.

“Cozy” is usually old and well worn.

“Cozy” is a warm bubble bath and a soft towel.

“Cozy” is a rocking chair, a lap cat and a Bible to read.

“Cozy” is a deep chair that fits your body.

“Cozy” is your favorite hot drink in your favorite cup.

“Cozy” is a warm toilet seat in the morning.

“Cozy” is not a warm weather word. In summer, you would be “refreshed”.

“Cozy” can only happen when you are inside; the weather is outside.

If “cozy” were a material, it would be cotton.

If it were a color, it would be pink.

If it were weather, it would be warm.

If it were texture, it would chenille.

If it were a position, it would be curled up.

I don’t think “cozy” is a shared feeling. If two together get cozy, one of them will want the other to get up and fetch something………usually coffee. Or, turn up the heat.

I think it’s time to put on my flannel pajamas, get a good book and go to bed.