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Donald Trump must be impeached in the House and removed from office by the Senate.

How can there be ANY doubt about this? All we need to do is rely on informed California and New York politicians, actors, performers and un-elected career government employees. Rep. Maxine Watters has told us repeatedly we must “Impeach 45!”, Rep. Al Green has told us “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get re-elected.”

Trump did not win the popular vote, he only won the Constitutionally mandated electoral college vote. Therefore he is illegitimate.

The removal process has been in motion for three years, since before the 2016 election. What on earth does it take to get rid of him?

If we didn’t have CNN, MSNBC, and most of the rest of journalism on our side to mock him and generate outrage; I don’t know where we would be.

If he encourages nationalism, we must infer that he’s a WHITE nationalist! If he wants to protect our borders we must infer that he is racist because most of the people entering our southern border are browner than he is! We know now that if we are unfortunate enough to be born white, we are inherently racist and must repent. Don’t be afraid of jumping to any conclusion about him!

Donald Trump does not speak in a dignified, proper, collegial, statesman-like manner of a politician who is above mere humanity. He speaks his mind. We can’t have that.

Ignore all this “America is better off now than ever” business, when he refers to the economy, employment, higher wages and lower taxes! Obama did that!

Any of the Democratic candidates offer you FAR more! Free abortion! Free college education! Free healthcare! Free sex change! Open borders! A government job! Special rights and privileges for non-citizens! Protection of all criminal aliens! The release of criminals and closing of prisons! Gun confiscation! More regulations on ever aspect of your life! BIGGER government! Legalized drugs to dull your apprehension! Free needles and injection sights! Suppression of all conservative thought on social media and in ALL journalism!